Racist? What Racist?

I read with a sense of disbelief on what Stephen Doss had written about Pak Lah and Tun Mahathir in ‘The Star’ dated 31st May 2008. It is hard to believe that this man is the President of the National Youths Association of Malaysia. God saves all the youths in this country! Obviously he doesn’t read.

It is pure stupidity of the highest quality to say that BN would have lost more that 5 states had Tun Mahathir been leading the charge in the recent election (or 2004). Who is he trying to fool? The Malaysian youths or Pak Lah? For a man who has been regarded as one of the most brilliant leaders this century, Tun Mahathir is way out of Pak Lah’s reach. Thus, Stephen Doss writing is really confusing. It is as confusing as the decisions made by Pak Lah.

All of a sudden, there are people like Doss who are trying hard to downgrade Tun as a racist. The accusers who called themselves Malaysians are they, themselves racists with the pretext of being Malaysians. Well, if this is the way Malaysians think, it would be better for me to remain a Malay. You can fool some people some of the time but not everybody all the time. It is not difficult to see and think why people like Doss love the weakest leadership in the Malaysian post-independent history. Yeah, call yourself concerned Malaysians!

I believe (I might be wrong, unlike Doss who think that he’s 100 percent right) that at least 90 percent of the Malay in this country wants the UMNO president to step down because of his weak leadership. However this is what the opposition wants – A leader who makes mistakes all the time. And these reforms (as you call it) are taking place due to Pak Lah’s leadership? No, I can’t say that they are reforms. This is actually a case of people taking advantage when your leader is losing ground’. If you really think very highly of him, please take him because the Malay’s don’t want him anymore. Ask him to be the president of your organisation or any opposition political party you think suit him well. Who are you trying to kid about Pak Lah? The Malays are not that stupid to interpret the hidden agendas behind your article.

There are others like you. When the Malay leader is weak, who do you think will benefit? This is the perfect time to demand this and that. Am I right Dossy? And you know what? Ever since I was born, I was given a Malay name. People say that I am a Malay. I think I am a normal person, just like anybody else. However people of your kind keep telling me that I am a Malay with special privileges.

I don’t know what special privileges you talking about. I went to the same scholl. Well I went to the only school that I could understand the medium of exchange. You had and still have the choice of going to a Sekolah Kebangsaan or your Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan. And you dare calling Tun Mahathir a racist? When he was the Prime Minister he tried very hard to make sure all the children in Malaysia go to same school in the Sekolah Wawasan. He failed. Simply because there are racists like you who think that going to the same school is only going to make your lose your identity. Yes, your identity is more important that unity among Malaysians.

When the government introduced the New Economic Policy, the non-Malays thought that this was unfair. However, over the years it has been proven that the Malays are still way behind. Ever since we achieved independence in 1957, there has never been a single year where a Malay has been proclaimed as the richest man in Malaysia. Never! Last year, the highest the Malay could achieve was at number 8. He was Syed Mokhtar. I would not like to mention the names of the non-Malays who were way ahead because I am not racist like you.

I am saddened, to say the least, the attitude of the non-Malays have always been sickening every time there is a problem within the Malay community. You can deny it but a fact remains a fact. The non-Malays simply love to see the Malays drowned. Every time there is a feud between the Malays, a non-Malays would always be there to make things worse. The latest being the statutory declaration made by this PI whose declaration is full of blatant lies just to tarnish the image of Datuk Seri Najib in order to make sure that the Malays are totally destroyed without a strong leader. What makes it worse is that they would always support the weaker party whom they can take advantage of.

On the other hand, the Malays have always been keeping a distance when there is a conflict in the non’s community. I remember when there was a big row between the top MCA leader, Tun Ghafar Baba stepped in to be the mediator. When there was a conflict between Datuk Seri Samy Velu and M.G. Pandithan, the Malays stayed out from the feud. In fact the top leadership in UMNO tried very hard to patch things up between the two. There become part of the family in BN.

The non-Malays know very well that a huge majority of the Malays are not in favour of the present leadership. I believe this is a problem that should be solved by the Malays. The nons should stay out of this because they are not sincere. Don’t interfere with the UMNO’s wind of change that are going to take place.

To Stephen Doss, my advice would be-look yourself in the mirror.The word ‘racist’ is written all over your face.

Written By Kamarul Azman Habibur Rahman (The Adviser of Kelab Alumni SMK Bukit Saujana, Port Dickson)

Who is Stephen Doss?
Stephen Doss, 37, is the head of research and development for Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia. He is also the National Youth Association of Malaysia president. He has a Masters in Civilisational Studies from Universiti Malaya. A Gerakan member, he was the pioneer of the National Students Consultative committee which drafted the National Service Programme.

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